Keira's 3rd birthday celebration. 琦璇庆祝3岁生日。

Jun 18, 2012

This is still all fresh and I thought I better post this before I do the past weeks updates here.

QQ and family is kind enough to let us celebrate Keira's birthday while we went to her house for dinner. James and Becca surprised Keira with a radio flyer skate scooter in pink. Her reaction upon seeing that was really classic. It's such a pity that we didn't record it down. She goes from expressionless to unbelievable and then she said... wowwww in very slow motion. LOL. She was too excited to speak.


And here some photos from the celebration. Her actual birthday is on the 21st. However, we thought it will be nice to have a pre-birthday celebration for her instead. She asked for Dora birthday cake but commissary do not have it. We didn't custom order so we stick to a normal plain one. But hey, she enjoyed it nonetheless too.


I think this simple celebration is actually more meaningful than any of those planned big birthday parties. At least I think all of us truly enjoyed ourselves today.


And before she slept, she said something that really melts my heart. Every single words. I didn't make up any of this.


"Mom, thanks for the birthday."

“妈妈,谢谢你的生日。” 她的意思应该是谢谢你帮我庆祝吧。

Just 5 words but I can feel she really mean it from the bottom of her heart. Thanks for making her day, guys!


I love you, darling. You are one smart girl but it will be even better if you can be nicer to your little sister and be more patient and less whiny. I know you will prove me wrong someday. And I really hoping.


Nevertheless, you are and will still be my little baby even when you turns 30.


Happy sweet 3rd birthday.


Her birthday cake.

Radio flyer skate scooter present.


My favorite family photo of all.

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