And so summer begins

Jul 6, 2012

It is officially here. I like it on days when the kids and I can sit at the porch in the backyard enjoying the breeze. But I don't fancy when the sun is getting so scorching hot that it is literally piercing through your skin. The poor Hub is always looking so sunburnt whenever he return home. And just by sitting in the car, I can get tan lines too. How terrific.

Well, this Saturday, a group of us are planning a trip to the waterpark with the kids. Group tickets purchase at US$18.50 per person down from the usual US$27. That's a steal. I hope the girls will be in their best of health to enjoy themselves.

And the floating session in Boise River started last week. We have always been talking about doing it. Perhaps we will try with the girls this time round or maybe wait till next summer. I am quite excited about it.

Come August during the 1 week block leave, we have plans to drive up to Canada and maybe do a stop in Seattle if time permits. Got to start planning on our itinerary. I hope we can survive the 10 over hours drive with the girls. Since Hub will be leaving for Alaska in November, I think this will be our last road trip of the year.

Well so what's on my list next.

1. It will be to sleep train the girls once their room is fully set up though I have a backup plan to have Kerri in our room still but in her own toddler bed.

2. To enroll the girls in either some kind of music or dancing class.

3. Re-adjust our daily schedules before school starts. They have been sleeping rather late at 10pm these two weeks since the sun doesn't set completely till then. Got to push Hub to install the curtains soon.

I have been feeling constantly tired all this while and when I have the chance to nap, I will wake up shortly after. I wonder if it's because I am getting old or what. I can't nap like a full 2 hours or more with them now. And then at night, I will be waking up so every often to their needs. By the time I am drifting into my sleep, I think I am only left with a few hours or so.

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