Bi-weekly summary

Jul 11, 2012

The whole week we did not actually did much stuff. Got my license renewed without the need to retake due to a new rule which came out 2 weeks ago. How lucky am I.


I always wonder how my mum can come up with the dishes she want to cook like everyday. I am running out of ideas. I want to bake but yet to get a converter for our appliances.


My next door neighbors moved away yesterday. It's sad to see them go though it's only 2 months that we moved in and hardly talk to them before. It just feel weird.


We have rented a boat this Sunday at Strike Dam. Another hot hot day with plenty of sunblock. Shall post more on that. I hope the kiddos can actually behave themselves. I HAD enough of this tiring week now. I just hope my weekend will be slightly better.


Some photos from the past 2 weeks. 


Kiddos and Daddy in the circus tent

At the Urgent Care. Kerri was running a high fever but no medication was given. The doc just said give her a few more days. 

At Roaring Spring waterpark last Saturday with the kids. They had so much fun until Keira came home with a high fever shortly after. Persisted for almost 4 days before she got better.


This is Kerri trying to pass me the sunblock lotion. 

All she did was eat and play. Her favorite past time. Well who doesn't like?

While trying to take a photo with Keira, Kerri decided to walk into the picture. 

My little bikini babe

Keira had this persistent fever due to the heatwave going on at this time of the year. She hit the 41 degree mark on Monday wee hour that Hubby rushed her to the hospital and got immediate attention from the medical team. 

Things seem to be going well until she became real sick again on Tuesday morning AGAIN. I jumped off the bed and drove her to the Urgent Care straightaway. She was measuring at 39 degree. Hub was at home with Kerri who was still soundly asleep. I guess Keira knew she's getting all my attention on her that she behaved very well. 

Us at Urgent Care while they are taking their time to fill up the particulars and information as usual.

Sweet little face. Insisting to sit beside me while I'm playing on my laptop. Keira was still taking her nap.

No mood for even cherries in a lovely fruit box for her. My heart aches seeing her like this.

While.... on the other hand, Kerri was really enjoying her snacks.

This is her snacking away AGAIN while skyping with my family after her lunch.

Very super random. She's my favorite muse at the moment. I just thought she is very pretty. I like her style. I am trying to grow my hair out like hers.

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