Again. Disappointment.

Sep 12, 2012

Today is Keira's second dancing lesson. This time round she joined the class but cried for the whole 15 minutes before a teacher carry her out. She asked her to calm down before going back which you may know it won't happen. It's not even helping when Rianne, her favorite girl, in her class joined in the class today too.

I was very disappointed. Indeed. So I came home after our grocery shopping. And thought it through while I was making dinner.

She obliviously got a scolding from the daddy. And I tried to talk him out. Nonetheless, let's just say we will keep going back to the class for her to try until the 4 lessons are finished.

We can always start this when she gets older. Not a big problem. Just when I was feeling upset over this, I was rather applaud that I am beginning to behave like a kiasu parent.

I do not want to force her doing something she don't like. It really break my heart.

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